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Right Way Seeing competition

Competition exists all over the world, among individuals, companies, countries, etc. Competing with another, sometimes, can be really annoying and tiring. For instance, as we grew up, everybody might has a little friend living in your neighborhood (Let’s call him/her “A” below). Our parents, especially moms, always compared us with A, by saying A had better study grade, A was very good at playing piano, A won a prize, and so on. Such things might have bothered most of us while we went through our adolescence. However, due to the competition, we did better than we thought we could be.

Sometimes, we could be indolent, satisfied with status quo, and losing motivation of pursuing better lives. But under the extreme pressure of working, others keep learning new things and improving work skills to stay competitive. Being aware of that, we have to drag ourselves out of laziness and keep fighting. I know it sucks, but that is work all about.

As a consumer, I’d like to say competition brings us higher quality products with lower prices. In order to get more maket share, companies have to keep innovating, developing new products, and reducing the production cost. As we all know, the prices of products provided by monopolized industies are always unsatisfactory.

Competition is the impetus of promoting sci-tech advancement and driving human progress. As such, our lives can be more and more convenient and comfortable. Sooooooo, I sincerely bow to competition.

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